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Upsouth: Your Go-To for Fast, Friendly, South Indian Veg Delights!

Upsouth, where authenticity meets innovation, is an award-winning South Indian QSR brand that's redefining the culinary landscape. Our vision extends beyond the plate – we're on a mission to take the timeless flavors of Idly and Dosa to the world. Committed to customer delight, we serve up value-for-money meals using only the finest, handpicked ingredients. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and quality with every bite, making Upsouth the ultimate destination for South Indian food enthusiasts.





Indulge in South Indian
Culinary Delights

At Upsouth, we believe that the secret to creating exceptional South Indian cuisine lies in our unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. Our food is a celebration of the finest traditions, using desi Cow Ghee in every preparation, handpicked, and the freshest ingredients.

We take pride in bringing the flavors of the four southern states together, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable taste with every bite. Our soft and fluffy idlies, crisp and tasty vadas, and unique flavorful sambar and chutneys are crafted to perfection, served piping hot and fresh.

To complement your meal, we offer the best filter coffee, adding a touch of warmth to your South Indian culinary journey. Every dish at Upsouth is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the very best in South Indian cuisine.

Our Restaurants

 I love South Indian food, and this is a friendly next door South Indian place, at one of the busiest crossroads in Aundh. Hard
to miss and always full, you can expect quick service and tasty food every time you order. The mini idlis are a treat!

Yaminy Sharma

Hungry already? Dive into our menu and let the flavors of Up South satisfy your cravings!

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